If you have a Compaq Presario with that huge bright green power light, it probably drives you crazy. Here are some tips for customizing the power light and making it less distracting.

Make a Diffuser Using Scotch Tape
When the power LED shines though the plastic lens, it may not distribute the light evenly, or a beam of light may hit you in the eye at a certain angle. To fix this insert a diffuser made of Scotch tape in between the LED and lens. (See picture 1)

  1. Remove the computer cover and the front panel.
  2. Using Scotch tape with a matte finish, pull out about 3 inches of tape.
  3. Fold the tape in half with both sticky sides together. Make sure there are no creases or air bubbles in the tape.
  4. Remove the last screw in the first row of spare mounting screws and line up one end of the diffuser to that screw hole. Make sure the other end completely covers the power LED and clears the power button.
  5. While holding the diffuser, take a toothpick or a small screwdriver and punch a small hole though the diffuser and screw hole.
  6. Insert the screw though the diffuser and reinstall the screw back on the computer case.

Can’t See HDD Access Light
The hard disk drive access light may be hard to see because the brightness of the power light beams down into the access light lens, drowning out the access light. To fix this, you need to cover the HDD access lens with electrical tape. (See picture 2)

  1. Remove the computer cover and the front panel.
  2. Cover the entire HDD access lens with electrical tape. Do not cover the part where the HDD access LED shines directly into the lens.
  3. Apply some additional tape at the base of the lens.

Changing the Power Light
Replacing the power LED is very easy to do. You may want to replace the factory LED with one of a different color or brightness. The power LED is held in place with a fan connector, making replacement or upgrading easy. (See picture 3)

  1. Remove the computer cover and the front panel.
  2. Remove the retaining clip that holds the power button, power LED and HDD access LED.
  3. Remove the old power LED by straightening the one leg sticking out from the rear of the plug.
  4. Install the new LED

If the LED doesn’t light up when the computer is turned on, remove the LED from the plug, rotate it 180 degrees and reinstall it.