Most media players allow you to insert the album art for your digital music collection through its library. If you can’t find the album art on the internet or the album art that you find is of poor quality, the next step is to scan the album art from your CD collection. In the following, I will describe how you can scan your own album art and give you tips on how to make the scan look professional.

(By album art, I mean front cover.)


  • A color scanner capable of scanning at 600dpi or higher
  • A graphics program that is able to crop, resize, features a cloning/stamp tool & has an auto color corrector feature (enhance, auto adjust)

First scan the album art at 600dpi. When scanning is done, save the image as a bitmap (.bmp)

Open the image in a graphics editor with the following features as described in the requirements section above. Using the crop tool, adjust the mask to cut out any edge marks (white area) that may still be present from the scan while keeping the length and width of the mask at the same amount. (2200×2200)

After cropping, resize the image to 500×500 pixels. If your graphics program has a maintain proportions option, make sure it is selected. After typing 500 in the width box, the height box should automatically display 500. If it displays a number other then 500, undo your crop and repeat the previous step.

Using the cloning/stamp tool, touch up dirt spots and scratches for a cleaner image. Refer to your program’s documentation on how to use the cloning/stamp tool.

Use the auto corrector feature (enhance or auto adjust) to auto adjust the color of the image for a more vivid look. In most cases, auto adjust should give you satisfactory results. If it doesn’t, you can manually adjust the color.

Save the image as a JPEG (.jpg) with a medium-low compression setting. The size of the saved file should be around 90 – 140 KB.

Insert the image in your library with the associated music.