The other day I was having an issue with the Windows XP AutoRun feature. When inserting a disc that utilizes the autorun.inf file, the drive acted like it was going to launch the program on the disc, but never displayed anything on the screen. Discs without the autorun.inf file worked fine displaying the AutoPlay dialog box. (Note: There is a difference between AutoRun and AutoPlay. Scroll down to the end of this post for more details.)

After using Microsoft’s AutoFix program, verifying registry settings and such, I wasn’t getting anywhere with the problem. After restarting and logging into Windows, I immediately inserted my disc. The autorun feature worked fine. But after a few moments, I reinserted the disc and got nothing, just like before. That told me that there was a startup program that was possibly interfering with the AutoRun feature.

Using Sysinternals’ Autoruns program, (which has nothing to do with the AutoRun feature) I disabled one startup entry at a time and restarted the computer until the problem disappeared. Sure enough, I found the conflicting program.

As the title of this post suggests, the problem was a startup program related to PowerDVD.  PDVDDXSVR.EXE was the program blocking the AutoRun program from executing. Although it is still disabled on my computer, PowerDVD DX seems to run fine without it. I’m still not sure what the purpose of PDVDDXSVR.EXE  is other then blocking AutoRun feature.

AutoRun – A program that automatically executes when a disc or other removable media is inserted.
AutoPlay – A dialog box that lists a number of commands based on the content that’s on the removable media.