The new tab screen with no options.

When opening a new tab in Internet Explorer 8, you will see the “What Do You Want To Do Next?” text, but no options for restoring last browsing session, InPrivate browsing, opening closed tabs and accelerators. You may also get the following page error:

Element not found.
Code: 0
URI: res://ieframe.dll/tabswelcome.htm
Line: 144 – Char: 1

This happens when an entry in the Windows registry points to a different DLL file then the one needed to operate the options in the new tabs window. Instead of pointing to ieframe.dll, it points to a different file, shdocvw.dll.

Warning: The following involves modifying the Windows registry. Incorrect modifications can prevent Windows from working.

  1. If Internet Explorer is open, close it.
  2. Open the Start menu and select Run
  3. In the text box, type regedit and hit enter.
  4. In the left column, navigate to the following folder:
  5. Change the path in the (Default) key to C:\Windows\System32\ieframe.dll
  6. Click OK and close the Registry Editor. Open Internet Explorer and open a new tab. The new tab options should be restored.

*The zero in the path is actually the number 0.  WordPress removes the number 0 for some reason, incorrectly making the path read as 1.1\win32