You may have an audio CD in your collection that has some type of content at the beginning or end of a track that you wish to exclude before importing (ripping) it to your computer. An option in iTunes allows you to modify the start/stop time for each track so you can remove unwanted content before you import the song to your computer.

In my example, I’ll be using a Radio Disney Jams CD. Despite the album name, the disc contains some good songs such as Get Ready for This, Ghostbusters, U Can’t Touch This, and I Got You (I Feel Good). The downside is that some tracks have Disc Jockeys talking after the song has ended, and track 1 (Get Ready for This) starts off with the station’s theme song. Using iTunes, the “useless” content can be trimmed from these tracks, and then imported to your computer where your time modifications will apply to the AAC/MP3 file.

(I’ll be trimming off the theme song from track 1. Get Ready for This starts at about 0:30.100 – so this will be my start time).

  1. Open iTunes and insert your audio CD.
  2. Right click (command + click) on your desired track and select Get Info.
  3. Click on the Options tab.
  4. Change the values for when you want the song to start/stop. The format is Mins:Seconds.Milliseconds
  5. When you are finished, click OK.

Listen to the track and make sure it starts/stops where you want it to. You may have to repeat these steps several times and increase/decrease values in small increments to fine tune the positions.

Once you have your times set for the desired tracks, import your CD into iTunes. Once importing has completed, find your song(s) in your iTunes Library. The time modifications should have been applied to the AAC/MP3 file and the trimmed content should not be present in the file itself.