5¼ floppy disk storage containers can store CD's instead of floppys.

If you have any storage containers for 5¼ floppy disks lying around your house, don’t throw them out! You can use them to store and organize your CD’s. Keep your software, device drivers & operating system discs all in one place so you can quickly find them in the future.

If the container has dividers, you can file discs under different subjects. In my picture, the discs are sorted first by device drivers, then operating system setup discs, then programs & applications, then games, and lastly, old and expired versions of Norton Anti-Virus. (Don’t ask why). I have another container that is halfway filed with discs. They contain system recovery software and discs that were included with my college textbooks.

Regular and slim jewel cases may also fit in these containers, but will take up a lot of space. I’m currently using the paper sleeves, which are good enough for me since I won’t be constantly using the discs.