Zonet USB to Ethernet Adapter (ZUN-2210)

A while back, I bought a Zonet USB to Ethernet adapter (ZUN-2210) just in case I wanted to temporally connect an Ethernet cable to a computer that lacked an onboard Ethernet jack. The adapter works ok, it is somewhat slow if the USB port is 1.0, and Zonet isn’t a good brand name anyway.

If you have one of these adapters lying around in your house and you’re about to toss it in the trash, hold on there! The three blue ultra bright LED’s on the adapter are worth saving.

Take a small flat blade screwdriver and pry the two halves of the adapter casing apart. Once the

The ultra-bright blue LED’s you will find on the circuit board.

bottom of the adapter is off, pull the circuit board away from the top half of the case. You will see the three LED’s. The LED’s have a good amount of leg length, making them easy to remove from the circuit board. Using wire cutters, cut each leg of the LED’s at the circuit board until they are freed.

There you go! You just saved three perfectly good LED’s from ending up in a landfill. Use your new LED’s for your electronic related projects.