At one time we owned two Ford Aerostars- One being a ’92 with lots of optional features and the other being a ’95 with very few optional features, despite being a XLT model. Before the ’92 was towed away to the junkyard, I decided to take a look to see if there was anything that can be transferred to the ‘95. One of the easiest features to remove and install were the interior lights.

Disclaimer: Use the following information at your own risk! Always disconnect your battery when working on electrical components or anywhere near the airbag system!

Foot Well Lights: These lights are located under the dash right by the front doors. A single wire (hot) connects to the bulb while the bracket serves as the ground, connected to the frame of the dash. When installing, look for a single black wire with a connector at the end loosely taped to the wire harness. Remember to save the screw to be able to hold the light.

Glove Box Light: The light is easily removed by pushing the combination light/switch unit out of the holder. When installing in an Aerostar that wasn’t originally equipped with the glove box light, the wire maybe taped to the wire harness underneath the dash. This may require removing the glove box to gain access.

Dome Light with Map Lights: The following may vary from different models/years. The dome light is feed by two wires; one being the hot, the other being the ground. The map lights are fed by a third wire which is always hot since the dome light is hot only when the door is open. If this third wire is not present, you will need to run a wire from the hot terminal of the car battery to be able to use the map lights. You will also need to install a fuse between the two points to protect the electrical system.

Rear Dome Light with Switch: This rear dome light contains a switch to turn the light on/off when the door is opened/closed, always keep the light on, or always keep the light off.