In June of 2010, Adobe released a new version of Adobe Flash Player, version 10.1. Most users will see a pop-up window from Adobe asking if you want to update Flash Player while Windows starts. Most users like me typically go ahead and install the update since it takes less than a minute to download and install. However, as of now, DO NOT UPDATE ADOBE FLASH PLAYER TO 10.1!

I have three computers currently affected by this update. The problem: online videos on YouTube, Hulu, etc. are now plagued by choppiness and screen tearing- full screen viewing or regular webpage viewing. One computer will not display YouTube videos in full screen mode anymore since it has an outdated video card. All you see is a “white screen of death” instead. Pressing the escape key usually will get you back.

A forum on Adobe’s website claims that Adobe Flash Player 10.1 now uses Direct3D to render video instead of DirectDraw. I’m wondering if this is the problem with the screen tearing. Turning off the hardware acceleration option in the Flash Player settings will fix the white screen, but video quality will suffer. Updating outdated video cards to the latest version may also solve the white screen problem, but is not a guarantee.

I will try to contact Adobe with my problems. As for now, I will not install Flash Player 10.1 on my other computers. I will also try to downgrade Adobe Flash Player back to version 10.