I was at Pull-A-Part one day, removing and installing the instrument clusters in some Contours for some practice. I took an instrument cluster and removed all the lights from the back. I held it up towards the sun. I discovered three indicators that were not used and were not listed in the Ford manual.

 All three unused indicators are located on the bottom right strip below the gas gauge. The only indicator on that strip that is used is the “overdrive off”, unless you have a manual transmission.

            1               2              3               4

1.)    Safety Belt Reminder – This indicator is already used at the top of the cluster. This light should have been a door ajar light since the Contour doesn’t have one.

2.)    Strut – ???

3.)    Sport – ???

4.)    Overdrive Off – Overdrive turned off for the automatic transmission.

If anybody can provide me some information about these unused indicators, please leave a comment.