Disclaimer: Use the following information at your own risk! Always disconnect your battery when working on electrical components or anywhere near the airbag system!

I was cleaning out my glove box one day when I noticed a light socket underneath the dash. I installed a light bulb and it didn’t light up. I looked all around the glove box, but didn’t find any switches. To my understanding, Ford must have dropped the glove box light starting with the 1997 model to cut costs. They probably didn’t want to modify the wire harness so they left the light socket in and the light switch out. At my next visit to Pull-A-Part, I found the switch (actually a push button) behind the glove box of a 1995 Contour. It was located down by the passenger’s foot well.

Before the switch can be installed, the wires for the switch have to be cut in order to feed the wires though the little mounting hole since the plug on the switch doesn’t fit. Push the switch into the mounting hole until it snaps into place. Don’t connect the wires back together yet. You might run into a problem during the install process later on.

The other end of the plug is located underneath the dash on the passenger’s side. To get to it, you must drop the glove box down to the floor. I did not detach mine but you might want to if you need more room. Remove the four screws that secure the liner in place. Remove the liner carefully by pulling it straight out. Remove the light socket from the liner by twisting the base. From underneath the dash, move the vent duct that goes to the passenger side vent. You should see a plug with two wires cable tied to the frame underneath the passenger side air bag. Disconnect your battery and wait several minutes before working around the air bag! Cut the cable tie with wire cutters. The plug will be lowered. Put the vent duct back in place.

If the plug does not reach the switch, you may have to extend the wiring on the switch. Use a pair of wires long enough to reach between the switch and the plug under the dash. Crimp one end to the switch and the other to the plug that was originally on the switch. Make sure no bare wires are showing.

Run the switch plug up the right side of the glove box following a nearby wire harness. Connect the switch plug to the plug under the dash. Install a type 194 light bulb and reconnect your battery. The light should now light. Make sure your light goes off by pressing the switch. Using cable ties, tie the wire that goes to the switch to the nearby wire harness located on the right side of the glove box. Make sure the wires for the switch that you just installed are tidy and will not get in the way of moving parts. Insert the glove box light socket into the liner and snap the liner into place. Insert the screws for the liner, attach the glove box door and pop it back in place. Close the glove box door, making sure the light goes out before it latches.