Disclaimer: Use the following information at your own risk! Always disconnect your battery when working on electrical components or anywhere near the airbag system!

The original visors in my 97 Contour did not have lights beside the mirrors. I wanted to replace my driver side visor because whoever had the car before burnt a hole into it with their cigarette, so I went down to Pull-A-Part looking for a replacement. All the cars there with a tan interior had lights in the visors. So I decided to buy a pair of visors with lights.

Removing the caps off the screws for the visor mounts is a little tricky. I took a small flat blade screwdriver and bent the tip about 40 degrees. This serves as a pry tool to remove the caps. Some scuffing around the visor mounts may occur. I also came across another problem; there was no wire harness for the visor lights, at least in my car. After another stop at Pull-A-Part, I found out that the wire harness for the visor lights went to the dome light wire harness, spliced into the dome light connectors. I couldn’t remove the wire harness because it was attached to a support underneath the liner. Sure, it’s a junked car and I could rip the liner apart to get to it, but then I would have to do the same to my car.

This is what I did… I took some wire I had lying around in my garage and fished it though the holes where the visors attach to, over to the dome light. On the visor end of the wire, I crimped a male and a female connector to correspond to the connectors on the visors. Where the visor wires come out by the dome light, I twisted each side of the visor wires together, making sure the polarity matched, and crimped a male connector on one and a female connector on the other. I also created two homemade “Y” adapters and crimped on connectors so that they would plug into the dome light wire harness. One wire will go to the dome light, the other going to the visors. I also took a short piece of wire and crimped a male connector on one end and a female on the other. This will serve as an extension for the 12 second delay connector. I did all of this so I wouldn’t have to cut the old connectors off of the dome light wire harness.

Connecting and wiring will be hard, lengthy, and probably confusing in my own words if I wrote it out. I have drawn a diagram below to help simplify installation of the visor lights as well as creating “Y” adapters if you wish to install lighted visors in your Contour. After connecting the wire connectors together, remember to apply electrical tape around each wire connector so the connector doesn’t short to the frame of the car. An alternate is to use wire connectors that have a plastic boot molded around the connector. Make sure you DO NOT reverse wires 3 and 4 or otherwise the 12 second delay will always be on and the map lights/visors lights will relay on the 12 second delay circuit!